Dura-Foam is #1 in Green Roofing for Eichlers

Your Dura-Foam roof will continue to preserve Eichler’s vision of the American Dream with a roofing system that is both affordable and reliable. With a Dura-Foam Roof System, you will help the environment and add value to your Eichler Home by diverting landfill waste, reducing energy consumption, improving interior comfort, and reducing long-term roof expense.

eichler foam roofing
Your Dura-Foam roof will pay for itself by increasing the property value, comfort, and energy efficiency of your Eichler.

1. Reduce Energy Consumption

The low profile roof assembly of an Eichler home doesn’t leave room for thick batts of insulation like traditional roof structures. Have you ever felt like you were stepping into a hot oven upon entering your Eichler Home at the end of a hot summer day? Or, in the winter, have you every been shocked by the magnitude of your Eichler heating bill?

After installing a Dura-Foam roof, your Eichler will have 10 to 20 degree cooler indoor temperatures in the summer and energy savings of 30% to 50% in the winter (see Testimonials). The Dura-Foam roofing system adds comfort because it includes the world’s Best Insulator and Cool Roof coatings.

eichler roof with foam
Foam roofing insulates at the amazing capacity of 6 to 8 R-Value per inch of depth. Due to other factors including moisture elimination, 1" of foam is more effective than 4" of fiberglass.

2. Enhanced Drainage & Roof Performance

Many Eichler Style homes include portions of roof that are flat with little or no slope. Poor drainage in these areas results in premature roof failure. Your Dura-Foam roof will resolve this issue using custom contoured thickness to build-up low areas and eliminate problematic ponding.

A Dura-Foam Roof is a thick seamless waterproofing barrier that exceeds residential standards for reliability and durability. It offers superior leak protection because it doesn’t share the weaknesses of other roof systems such as seams and multiple material layers that hide problem areas.

Eichler Flat Roofing
Foam roofing can be used to build up low or sagging areas on your roof & correct ponding. The only other alternative is expensive reconstruction.

3. Eliminate Re-Roof Expense

Originally, Eichler homes were built with tar and gravel roofs. Unfortunately, tar and gravel roofs typically need replacement every 7 to 15 years. Once your Eichler receives the Dura-Foam System, re-roofing is totally eliminated. Your Long-Term Dura-Foam Roof System will remain renewable for a lifetime by upgrading the surface coating once every twenty years.

Every Eichler style home that receives a Dura-Foam roof also deserves a copy of Eichler: Modernism Rebuilds the American Dream signed by the author and the director of the Eichler Network. Request your complimentary copy while supplies last.

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