General Roof Care Guidelines

Roof Drains:

  1. Keep drains clear of debris, or water may spill over the edges.
  2. Wind, rain, and fall leaves can cause a repeated need to clear drains.
  3. Screens shaped like a light bulb can be found at most hardware stores for round drains. 1/4″ galvanized wire mesh can be fashioned to make a box for covering larger drains. The screens may prevent a clogged down-pipe.

Modifications/Alterations – What to use:

  1. Polyurethane sealant is used for detail work when the roof is installed and is suitable for touch-up use.
  2. In existing foam roofs, skylight, electrical, A/C and other installations which require roof penetrations can be sealed with a surface-mounted flashing and a good quality polyurethane sealant without the need of expensive re-foaming. Please, call us to have a qualified technician perform this type of work.

Never Use:

  1. Silicone sealants. They are not compatible.
  2. Asphalt based “Tar” products. They are not compatible; if it’s black, don’t put it on your roof.
  3. Foam in a can; it is not suitable for roofing and will soak up water.

Service Calls:

  1. Notify us immediately if you think our roof has something wrong with it. You are encouraged to contact us immediately. You may leave a message after hours or submit a service request online. Please include the property address and a daytime phone number.
  2. You will be billed for a service call if your roof guarantee has expired.
  3. You may be billed for a service call to a roof under guarantee if the reported problem was not the roof (i.e., clogged drains, walls, duct work, windows, tree damage, other contractors, etc.)
  4. Travel and set-up charge for service is $250 and includes the first 30 minutes of service or consultation once technicians arrive at your site. Materials are additional. Additional time is $30 per quarter man-hour.
  5. Service calls are Time plus Material arrangements performed on a best-efforts basis and do not include or imply their own guarantee.

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