Long-Term Service

Before having a foam roof installed, it’s important to choose a roofing contractor that matches the integrity and durability of its product. Our family owned and operated business continues to stand behind its roof guarantees and offer affordable service on the roofs that were installed since our first year of business in 1981. By joining the Dura-Foam Family, you get a lifetime roof and a lifetime of great service.

Long term roofing Systems are superior to alternatives and last several times longer
Never re-roof again with the long lasting Dura-Foam flat roof system!

Long-Term Savings

When other roof systems must be replaced, the Dura-Foam System is renewed by adding an additional protective coating layer that extends roof life at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. Before foam roofing was invented (over 60 years ago), property owners were in the habit of periodically replacing their flat roofs. For example, tar & gravel roofs typically last 8-15 years then have to be replaced. Today, recoating a foam roof introduces a practical alternative to roof replacement. First, recoating is more affordable. A recoat is typically 75% lower cost than roof replacement. Second, Recoating is more convenient because it takes less time and eliminates the mess of a tear-off. Third, a recoat lasts 20 years, much longer than most other flat roof systems. Furthermore, energy savings on heating and cooling typically reduce utility bills 25-50%. Foam roofs quickly pay for themselves in energy and upkeep savings.

Renewal SPF Foam System vs Replacement Cost Alternative

Recoating is only 25% the cost of roof replacement. Plus, a recoat last longer than other roof systems.

Foam Roofing: A Future-Proof Roof System

When the time comes to add a skylight, add a room, or penetrate the roof for any reason, the Dura-Foam system allows for these types of modifications. Newly roofed areas are permanently and reliably connected to existing roof ares. Your Dura-Foam roof will sustain construction foot traffic without damaging its waterproof integrity. Important: be sure to consult with Dura-Foam before making any roof penetration. Consult before you cut to assure that your project is planned in the most cost effective way.

The Dura-Foam Warranty

Dura-Foam roofs include a 10-year Leak-Proof Guarantee. Our roof warranties are hassle-free and are not pro-rated. Our Leak-Proof Guarantee is extended to the 15th year when Dura-Foam roofs are re-coated five years after the original roof installation date.

Dura-Foam Warranty

Dura-Foam Roofing is certified by all major standards and testing organizations.