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Santa Clara County South Bay Foam Roofing Projects
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Dura-Foam Roofing Projects in Cupertino

Green balloons indicate Dura-Foam roof installations since 1981. This map displays projects in Cupertino and surrounding areas.

Cupertino foam roof installations since 1981

Cupertino projects consist of re-roofing and also roof installations on new construction. All of these projects consist of spray foam roofing installations on flat roof systems. Flat roofs that are re-roofed typically have existing materials such as tar and gravel, cap sheet, modified bitumen, single ply, metacrylics, torch-down, or other sheet-applied membrane based roof systems. With minimum 1″ thick waterproofing barrier, our Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roof systems outperform these alternative products. Foam roof thickness is contoured to improve roof drainage especially on flat roof structures that have problematic ponding. The material is formed and bonded on the roof surface in such a way that there are no seams. Incidentally, the polyurethane spray foam waterproofs and insulates simultaneously. It is a unique roofing product because it has the highest R insulation value, it does not absorb water, and it is a rigid material that people can walk on. Reflective “Cool Roof” coatings protect the foam roof from UV rays. Roof projects in Cupertino represent ideal locations for solar power systems. Before installing solar panels, we typically re-coat the foam roof to add 20 years of roof life. As solar and roofing professionals, we make sure that the your solar energy system generates clean power with no roof leaks.