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5on Google,Jan 20, 2020


We had a small leak in our roof installed about 15 months ago. I emailed in details and pictures. Dura-Foam sent a short form to fill out and a person came out the next day and quickly inspected the roof and did a repair. Great response.

5on Google,Jan 17, 2020


Very happy with their work and communication with the office. Competent and friendly workers. Impressed with Dura-Foam!

5on Google,Jan 09, 2020


I work here excellent company been in the industry 20 years best workmanship I've seen I'm not promoting at all just if u need a foam roof I stalled we are the ones

5on Google,Jan 09, 2020


Prompt service! And so thorough!! Plus the guys who came to do the job were so polite. Highly recommend this company!

5on Google,Dec 31, 2019


Great friendly service. Installed a foam roof over summer. Then came back to diagnose a leak on the old slanted part of the roof within hours of calling on New Years Eve. Only wish is that they were able to replace the faulty second story siding they found.

Recommendedon Facebook,Dec 05, 2019


VBery attentive tom our needs, very fair price!

5on Google,Dec 05, 2019


Dura-foam was attentive to our needs, came on time, kept to their schedule, followed up on our concerns, and did it for a fair price.

5on Google,Nov 11, 2019


From beginning to end of the project, Dura-Foam was professional, precice, and through.

5on BBB,Oct 22, 2019


We have been very happy with the foam roof. Good quality product and great customer service. Would recommend to others!

Recommendedon Facebook,Oct 02, 2019


Dura-Foam Roofing produces a fantastic roof for insulation and sound. The life span is amazing. Our company has worked with Dura-Foam for 20 years taking TLC of their new and past clients. Over that time we have seen just how well their roofs perform. Christian Lewis Owner, C & A BUILDERS, INC.

5on Google,Oct 02, 2019

Peter G

Durafoam (and particularly Lalo) were spectacular, and took superb care of many details and `corner cases' that had accumulated since the original foam roof two decades ago. Bravo!

Recommendedon Facebook,Oct 02, 2019


Dura-Foam is very professional. The bidding process was quick, straight-forward, and include everything. The work, which was a recoat of our current work was done exactly as described. They even cleaned off all the leaves off the garage roof. They understood how to coat correctly with the tile.

5on BBB,Oct 01, 2019


Dura Foam Roofing did an excellent job from start to finish re-covering my Eichler roof. All of the guys in the crew worked hard and were gentlemen throughout. I was very pleased.