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5on Google,Jul 25, 2018


I joked with Lucio Robles, the crew leader, that if I could give them 17 stars, I would - we have a yoga studio in San Mateo - with 2 large studios and one smaller one - our largest one (about 1,200 sqft) had trouble keeping the temperature down, especially with warmer summers - we have a cathedral ceiling with no insulation. We also had to work the roofing work into our complex schedule without making too much noise at the wrong time because of classes. They worked with us to come up with an approach to foam a pitched roof which other roofers said was not possible. They developed a schedule that worked around our challenging class environment which very little interruption. But biggest of all, they hit every deliverable, every time commitment, cleanliness, communication, perfectly and flawlessly. They did exactly what they said they would do when they said they would do it - I recently had another roofer do a major job for me - we started two weeks late, finished one month late and we had rework issues - this job was perfect - no other way to describe it. I give a lot of credit to the company, to their workers and especially to Jose, their team lead - I would highly recommend that you ask for him - he was great in keeping everything organized and on track. Finally, the job was only completed today but the early indications are dramatic reductions in outside temperature influence - 20-40 degree reduction in ceiling temperatures, 10-20 degree reduction in upper room temperature, much easier to cool the room with air conditioning - if the performance continues as it did this afternoon, it will far exceed their commitment to me as has their performance and delivery - highly recommend them!

3on Google,Nov 03, 2021


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5on Google,Oct 25, 2021


This is one efficient and friendly company. They responded immediately to my queries, answered all my questions and concerns clearly. Within days they had inspected the roof, and set up the job. They kept to their schedule and liaised with the tenant. Job well done.

5on Google,Sep 30, 2021


Dura-Foam crew (Mike, Ali, Emiliano, Lusio, David, Heraclio, Fabio) did a great job insulating my roof. Kept everything clean and neat. Very happy with the result. Outside 91 degrees, inside of the house is 75 degrees, no need to turn on the AC. Highly recommended!!!

5on Google,Sep 03, 2021


The entire staff from sales to installers always gave the feeling that your job was important. All questions were answered promptly ' All charges were explained in detail. I would hire them again if the need came up..........GOOD WORK

5on Google,Aug 19, 2021


Had some remodeling work on the house done and had to get our foam roof resealed. Mike and Lalo of Durafoam did an excellent job. We are very happy with the quality of the work and their professionalism.

5on Google,Aug 02, 2021

Mary Beth

DuraFoam just installed a new foam roof on our house. David, Fabio, Lusio, Anthony, Carlos, and Mike all did a great job – excellent work, all done quickly and professionally.

5on Google,Jun 19, 2021


I've had my Dura-Foam roof for 20 years now, with zero problems. The top level was starting to have a few bubbles that had broken so I had a recoat done this year. I was scheduled for several weeks out, but then they called and managed to get the job done before my travels. The new coat looks wonderful and rock solid, I suspect I won't need any more work for 20+ years. I should also mention in the middle of this heat wave - that all I have to do to keep the house comfortable is open the windows at night and close them mid morning -- No AC in use. Do people still get tar and gravel????

5on Google,Jun 15, 2021


Great service recoating the foam roof that Dura-Foam installed many years ago. They were very helpful answering my questions as I was seeking bids for the work. In doing the work, they came in time, worked quickly, did a thorough and professional job, and cleaned up well. I was very pleased.

5on Google,Feb 02, 2021


Anthony and Lucio are a professional duo. We had a leak at the drain spout which they diagnosed and rectified in a short time including cleaning roof. Good to know our 15 year Dura Foam year is in great shape and leak was minor. Thank you Anthony and Lucio!

5on Google,Feb 02, 2021

Gavin and Rebecca

Dura-Foam installed a new foam roof on our home as part of a full remodel a few years ago. The service they provided was excellent from start to finish. We were in contact with a number of people along the way, from the initial quote through installation and beyond. It was a pleasure to work with a great local family business! ** With the heavy rain that we have been experiencing, we had a small leak in our kitchen. Dura-Foam was quick to respond and come and check it out. Their team arrived promptly and fixed the leak that was totally unrelated to their roofing. Excellent service, honest and reliable & very professional.

5on Google,Jan 29, 2021


During the recent rain storm our house "sprung a leak" with water coming in from the ceiling. I called Dura Foam and they were able to send a team out that day, by noon! Anthony and Lucio were GREAT! they looked at my roof and a small patio/landing area and were able diagnose the problem within a very short time. They fixed the leak, cleaned up the area very quickly. Now there is no more water in my hallway. I highly recommend Dura-Foam Roofing and will happily call them again if I ever have the need.!

5on Google,Jan 14, 2021


From beginning to end of the project, Dura-Foam was professional, precise, and through. UPDATE: Two years later and the difference with the Durafoam roof is AMAZING! Our utility bill is lower, the drafts are gone, and the house stays so warm in winter and cool in summer. Why didn't we do this sooner is the only question I ask myself.

5on Google,Oct 30, 2020


Very happy with results and responsiveness. We recently had repair and recoat of a foam roof Dura-foam previously installed approximately 12 years ago. It never leaked, etc. So, this is the second job they have done on this house.