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Santa Clara County South Bay Foam Roofing Projects
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Dura-Foam Roofing Projects in Santa Clara

Green balloons indicate Dura-Foam roof installations since 1981. This map displays projects in Santa Clara and surrounding areas.

Santa Clara foam roof installations since 1981. Click on the map to navigate to nearby cities.

As indicated by the green balloons in the image above, Dura-Foam Solar Center has performed a plethora of projects in the Santa Clara area. Projects in Santa Clara have ranged from commercial to residential. For residential areas, neighborhoods of flat and low-sloped roof homes such as Eichler homes have often been re-roofed with the Dura-Foam roofing system. Apartment complexes have been a popular client because the Dura-Foam system significantly improves comfort for tenants in upper floors in both Winter and Summer. Many of the commercial projects with Dura-Foam roof installations include offices, warehouses, strip malls, churches, and schools. On both residential and commercial projects, roof systems replaced with the Dura-Foam roofing system include tar & gravel roofs, single ply, torch-down, EPDM, cap sheet, composition roofing, built-up roofing, metacrylics, and more. The Dura-Foam roof system has reduced the urban heat island effect in the Santa Clara area because it is a certified Cool Roof System. This spray foam roof system significantly reduces energy consumption for buildings to prevent pollution and conserve natural resources. Dura-Foam Solar Center installs photovoltaic solar systems on all roof types in Santa Clara and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. As an experienced solar power installer, Dura-Foam Solar Center offers the highest quality solar systems around. Every project is unique. Solar systems are sized for the needs of each property and oriented for maximum energy output and curb appeal. No job is too complex or too simple for our talented service team of engineers, field technicians, and sales consultants. No other Bay Area roofing and solar installer is more equipped to deliver a high performance roof-mounted solar system than Dura-Foam Solar Center.