Dura-Foam Roof System

Q: To install a foam roof, does the existing roof membrane need to be removed?
Q: How thick is a Dura-Foam roof?
Q: Does the foam soak up water and leak if the coating layer is damaged?
Q: What colors are available for Dura-Foam roofs?
Q: Does Dura-Foam embed granules in the coating surface?
Q: How much does a Dura-Foam roof cost?
Q: Are Dura-Foam roofs environmentally friendly?
Q: Why are Dura-Foam roofs energy efficient?
Q: What R Value does a Dura-Foam roof have?
Q: How much cooler will my home be in the summer with a Dura-Foam roof?
Q: How much will I save on energy bills with a Dura-Foam Roof?
Q: What fire rating does a Dura-Foam roof have?

Installation Process

Q: How long does the foam roof installation process take?
Q: Can I install additions, skylights, vents, or conduits on an existing Dura-Foam roof?
Q: Will my air conditioning equipment and ductwork need to be dismantled orturned off during the roofing process?
Q: Can Dura-Foam apply foam over ductwork during the roof installation process?
Q: My property has some dry-rot in its fascia boards and deck boards, can Dura-Foam repair this during the roofing process.
Q: Can Dura-Foam replace damaged skylights and perform new skylight installations on my roof?
Q: I want to install a Unico System to provide heat and air conditioning. Does Dura-Foam have experience with Unico Systems?
Q: I am interested in having photovoltaic cells installed. How compatible is Dura-Foam with photovoltaic systems?

Roof Surface

Q: My roof has drainage problems because ponds of water gather in low areas; can Dura-Foam fix this?
Q: Is it okay to walk on a Dura-Foam roof?
Q: Are Dura-Foam roofs slippery when wet?
Q: Do birds tend to cause problems by pecking at foam roofs?
Q: Can leaves and dirt be swept or washed off of a Dura-Foam roof?

Maintenance and Roof Life

Q: How long does a Dura-Foam roof last?
Q: How often does a Dura-Foam roof need to be re-coated?
Q: How much does a coating upgrade (re-coat) cost?
Q: What happens if a Dura-Foam roof is never re-coated?
Q: What kind of maintenance is recommended for the Dura-Foam Roof System? How much does the maintenance cost?


Q: What kind of guarantee does a Dura-Foam roof come with?
Q: Is the Dura-Foam Guarantee pro-rated?
Q: How fast does Dura-Foam respond to requests for guarantee work?