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Santa Clara County South Bay Foam Roofing Projects
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Dura-Foam Roofing Projects in Campbell

Green balloons indicate Dura-Foam roof installations since 1981. This map displays projects in Campbell and surrounding areas.

Campbell foam roof installations since 1981. Click the map to zoom in to high density areas or nearby cities.

Dura-Foam Solar Center has had a strong presence in Campbell since 1981. Our projects have ranged from residential to commercial. Flat roof structures such as Eichler homes, offices, warehouses, stores, and schools have been re-roofed with our spray foam insulation roofing system. Most flat roof replacement projects initially have tar and gravel, modified bitumen, single ply, torch-down, cap sheet, built-up roofing (BUR), EPDM, metacrylics, or some other sheet based membrane roof system. On many flat roofing projects, the old roof membrane serves as a good substrate for applying the new polyurethane spray foam insulation roofing system. The new foam roof system lasts much longer than alternatives like tar and gravel. Also, the surface of our foam roof systems is hard and durable; people can walk on it with no damage. The roof surface has a white reflective “Cool Roof” coating which keeps indoor temperatures cool in the summer.