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Dura-Foam: The #1 Foam Roofing Provider in California.

Browse Google Maps to see where Dura-Foam Roofing & Solar Center has performed projects near your property. These project maps display the locations of over 20,000 completed foam roofing projects since 1981. Each project location is displayed as a green balloon marker on each map. Click on your city or neighborhood using the map below or the left side column. For confidentiality purposes, project addresses are not shown. Contact us if you would like a print showing the addresses of Dura foam projects near your property. To see our extensive our Bay Area experience we recommend you check the following sections: Bay Area (All Cities), The Peninsula and South Bay (the first three thumbnails above).

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Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Center

Dura-Foam Solar Center has found a niche industry in the Bay Area. Mild climatic conditions allow us to install foam roofing and solar systems year round. Our foam roof installations have successfully replaced thousands of tar and gravel, modified bitumen, cap sheet, single ply, EPDM, built-up, flat and low slope roofs. Foam roofing is very popular on new construction and existing buildings where the owner is interested in significantly cutting energy expenses on heating and cooling while enjoying a roof system that is designed to last the life of the building.

The only Foam Roofing AND Solar Power Contractor in the Bay Area

No other California, Bay Area company shares our unique ability to install photovoltaic solar systems while reliably guaranteeing underlying flat and low slope roof installation. Also, no other Bay Area solar installers specializes in foam roofing installations. Dura-Foam Roofing & Solar Center is a one-stop-shop that offers unmatched professionalism in the integration of solar, roofing, HVAC and electrical trades at the roof level. No project is too complex, too simple, too large or too small for our diversely talented service team of engineers and installers.

Notes on our Google Maps

We found that loading the thousands of projects in each section were overloading browsers and taking too long to load. This is why you’ll find that although Google Maps are integrated into our site, the public view only includes JPEG images of the original maps to improve the loading time and reduce server load. In the future we may add smaller more manageable sub-sections which display fully interactive Google Maps.

For references from satisfied customers that live near you, please call our office–especially if this can help you make important decisions such as the kind of roof you will install and who your contractor of choice will be.