Divert Landfill Waste with Foam Roofing

Your re-roofing project will provide ample opportunity for diverting landfill waste. Currently, your existing roof system may consist of materials that can be recycled or re-purposed. Also, choosing a high-quality contractor to install your renewable spray foam roof system will cause your property to finally stop generating waste re-roof material.

Prevent landfill waste by installing a renewable Dura-Foam Roof System
Prevent landfill waste by purchasing a RENEWABLE Dura-Foam Roof that will last the lifetime of your property.

1. Recycle Loose Gravel

Loose gravel from existing roof surfaces is removed and hauled to recycling facilities. This material is recycled as aggregate in concrete mixes and base rock for foundations and roads.

2. Re-Purpose Existing Roof Membrane

Rather than tear-off the existing membrane, Dura-Foam can re-purpose the material as a substrate. The process requires scrubbing the existing membrane free of loose dirt and gravel, then mechanically fastening to the structural roof deck with staples. After being cleaned and prepared properly, the old roof membrane becomes a valuable construction material, saves the property owner unnecessary tear-off expense, and diverts waste from our landfills.

3. Renewable Roof System

Once the Dura-Foam Roof System is in place, it’s renewable for the life of the building. This renewing process is accomplished by periodically applying an additional coating layer that protects the original foam roof from UV rays. This sustainable practice virtually eliminates all future landfill waste from the building’s roof system.