SPF Spray Foam Roofing Benefits Video

This video highlights some of the benefits of polyurethane sprayed foam roofing. See a foam roofing installation in action on a warehouse. You can view the way the applicator creates a single monolithic self-flashing barrier that evelops the roof substrate, regardless of the base roof surface.

Just as a warning, this video has no commentary. The benefits of foam roofing are flashed across the screen with some cheesy animated text (and did I mention the outdated music?). What you’re mostly going to see, is an applicator spraying passes of foam. There is also a short bit which displays the applicator spraying a grey base coat of acrylic coating (pretty standard in the industry). Afterwards, he’s right back to spraying polyurethane foam.

Don’t expect too much from this video, other than just getting a basic idea of what it looks like to see foam applied to a roof.

One thought on “SPF Spray Foam Roofing Benefits”

  1. I always get confused about the different types of spray foam. Is open cell not as good?

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