Application of Protective Coating: Step 3 of 3 (Foam Roofing Installation)

Two layers of a acrylic based “elastomeric” coating are applied to the polyurethane foam layer. The final layer is a reflective Cool Roof coating. Dura-Foam installs only the most durable and highest quality roof coatings.

Foam Roofing Crew Applies Coating
The final white coating layer is applied on top of the dark gray base coat.

Coating Prolongs the Life of a Foam Roofing System

For best value, you may opt to recoat periodically to maintain your renewable roof system for a lifetime. This is one of the most remarkable features of a Dura-Foam roof. You can avoid re-roofing for a lifetime by periodically upgrading the coating. The first recoat is recommended at year five, then successive recoats should be applied once every twenty years.

Foam Roofing Complete
Dura-Foam Roofs are renewable roof systems that will last a lifetime.

Re-Coating Extends Life of Foam Roofing Systems

Without rubberized acrylic coating, a foam roofing system would eventually degrade due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Follow the 5&25 maintenance plan to maintain your Dura-Foam roof in a renewable condition.