Our Foam Roofing Leak Proof Guarantee

Before analyzing the roof maintenance schedule, notice that your Leak-Proof Guarantee will remain valid regardless of whether or not your roof receives maintenance. Also, Dura-Foam roofs typically last 20-30 years with no maintenance. However, to get a lifetime of value out of your Dura-Foam Roof System, follow the maintenance guidelines below:

The Dura-Foam Roofing System will last the life of your building
Long-Term value and service from Dura-Foam Roofing.

Foam Roofing Maintenance Schedule

  • Year 0 – Install Dura-Foam Roof
  • Year 5 – Apply First Recoat
  • Year 10 – Touch-up
  • Year 15 – Touch-up
  • Year 20 – Touch-up
  • Year 25 – Apply Second Recoat
  • Year 30 – Touch-up
  • Year 35 – Touch-up
  • Year 40 – Touch-up
  • Year 45 – Apply Third Recoat
  • Year 50 – Touch-up
  • Year 55 – Touch-up
  • Year 60 – Touch-up
  • Year 65 – Apply Fourth Recoat
  • Year 70 – Touch-up
  • Year 75 – Touch-up
  • Year 80 – Touch-up

Apply the First Re-Coat

Applying the first “Re-Coat” or “Coating Upgrade” on a Dura-Foam Roofing System is recommended at the 5-year mark (see timetable above). Subsequent re-coats are recommended once every 20 years. Cost of re-coating is typically less than 25% the cost of roof replacement. Observing aging behaviors of many thousands of Dura-Foam roofs since 1981, we have seen that roofs with the first re-coat applied at year 5 perform best. On these roofs, the new coating lasts longer because it adheres better. Also, if weather and UV rays break-down an area of the re-coat layer, the roof’s original coatings are still strong enough to protect the roof system until it is touched-up.


We recommend having a Dura-Foam technician periodically inspect for breaks in surface coatings and perform touch-ups as needed (refer to timetable above). This preventative maintenance will correct surface breaks before UV rays have a chance to degrade the underlying polyurethane waterproofing layer. Touch-up cost usually averages $25 per 1000 sq. ft. plus the $250 travel & set-up charge.

The Foam Roofing Re-Coat Installation Process

As our Dura-Foam Roofing Systems continue to age, re-coats are needed once every 20 years. Re-coating is also much faster and far less obtrusive than re-roofing. First, pure water is used to pressure-wash the roof surface. Second, primers and sealants are used to prepare the dry roof surface. Lastly, the new coating layer is sprayed to specified thickness in an even layer that coats the whole roof surface.

When Selling Your Property

The best way to prepare your property for a sale is to have the roof recoated and provide the purchaser documents for a Guaranteed roof. The roof will look and perform just as a new roof.

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