Roofing and Energy Contractors

Randy Feriante founded Dura-Foam in 1981 in response to the energy crisis of the early 80’s. Since then, he has continued to build his company with emphasis on green roofing and renewable energy solutions. Dura-Foam Solar Center is staffed with construction managers, engineers, and trade professionals who are equipped to respond to projects of any complexity in the fields of roofing and solar power.

“Our family based company is built upon a foundation of safety, excellence and service.” – Randy Feriante, Owner and Founder

Owner of Dura-Foam Roofing & Solar Center

Family Owned & Operated

As a family based company, we take customer relations seriously. Our reputation depends on our ability to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction. The majority of the jobs we contract are obtained based word-of-mouth recommendations by our foundation of loyal and satisfied customers.

No High Pressure Salesmen

Our salaried staff puts your best interests first. No one gets a ‘pricey’ commission at your expense.

Skilled Tradesmen

Our most experienced field managers have been with us for over 20 years. The success of the roofing portion of our business is attributed to our trade professionals who take the time and effort necessary to see that every detail is executed properly. Our engineering and management staff deliver the trade experience required in some of the more complex intricacies of solar installations.


Foam Roofing Crew Inspects Roof
Sales, Design & Administrative Staff from left (Pamela, Rick, Carol, Adam, Jasmin, Jarom, Mora)

About Our Management Staff

The Dura-Foam Roofing & Solar Center management and engineering staff is diversified team talented with the technical experience, education, and trade skills required to guarantee high performance integrated roofing and solar installations. Our staff is equipped with degrees from institutions of higher education including Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UC East Bay, San Francisco State, and Brigham Young University, in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Social Sciences, and Business.

Staffed with contractors licensed and experienced in the trades of Solar, Electrical, General Construction, Glazing, Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning, and Roofing, we competently coordinate the most complex roof-top remodels. Staffed also by LEED Accredited Professionals, we readily participate in green construction projects seeking LEED Certification or other green building objectives.

On our human side of diverse interests, we each enjoy hobbies and provide for families with children. Among our staff are PTA presidents, basketball coaches, fishermen, tennis players, Eagle Scouts, Scout Masters, HAM radio operators, real estate brokers, rock climbers, bicyclists, scuba divers, guitar players, active church goers, singers, and speakers of Spanish, and Portuguese.

Production Team

Production crew
Dura-Foam Roofing & Solar Center Crew Leaders and Management

About Our Production Team

Various core personnel of our production team have been with our company for over 20 years. Our less experienced apprentice field technicians are not pictured. Our valued field employees are the hands and feet of our business and their services are invaluable. Members from the management and engineering staff often join the production team on integrated solar roof installations and more complicated jobs to guarantee that systems are installed to specification.

Interestingly, foam roofing installations are not as labor intensive as most other types of roof installations. Rather than lugging rolls of tar paper all over a roof, material is transferred from truck to roof via specialized pumps and hoses in liquid form. Compared to other types of roof systems, ours require less burden on our backs, but substantially more mechanical expertise and application skill. Fortunately, these innovations in roofing application methods allow us to offer our customers the highest performance roof system composed of the most durable materials at a competitive price.