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The South Bay | Santa Clara County Foam Roofing Projects

Green balloons indicate Dura-Foam roof installations since 1981. The map below displays foam roofing projects in the South Bay | Santa Clara County area. Most cities throughout this area have hundreds or thousands of Dura-Foam roof installations. For some cities such as Palo Alto, the markers heavily overlap each other, which can sometimes make it hard to view the streets, etc on the underlying map page. View sub-pages for more detailed close up views.

South Bay | Santa Clara County foam roof installations since 1981 Click on the map to zoom in to high density areas or nearby cities.

Santa Clara County lies at the heart of Silicon Valley. For a county that thrives on technological advancement, we have provided an innovative roofing system that has saved our customers a lot of money on energy expenses and roof upkeep. Dura-Foam installs a flat roof system that consists of rigid spray foam insulation topped with cool roof coatings. Since 1981, our foam roofing installations continue to function as new. Life expectancy for our foam roof system is over 40 years. Installing a re-coat only once every 20 years, these roofs are expected to last the life of the property. Spray foam insulation is a high quality rigid polyurethane foam that is spray applied over a flat roof surface resulting in a monolithic waterproofing barrier with no seams or joints. Polyurethane foam is lightweight but extremely durable. People can walk on our foam roofs all day without any damage. Spray foam insulation is a closed cell plastic that does not absorb water. This material is not uncommon, it is the same insulation that keeps the food in your refrigerator cool. In Santa Clara County, we have replaced tar & gravel, single ply, built-up roofing (BUR), EPDM, torch-down, cap sheet, composition roofing, metal roofing, and modified bitumen with our superior foam roofing system. Our roof projects have taken places on all types of structures. Eichler homes, offices, shopping centers, schools, government facilities, storage tanks, and warehouses are just a few. In an emerging solar energy market, our foam roof systems are the most suitable flat roof application for solar panels. Once a solar power system is installed, it’s best to leave it undisturbed. Because foam roofing never needs to be replaced (only re-coated once every 20 years), solar panels can continue to generate clean solar energy without major system removal expenses which are typical for other flat roof replacement operations. Dura-Foam Solar Center provides the complete package. We take responsibility for the roof system and solar installation to guarantee performance of an integrated system that is designed to save energy with Cool Roof coatings and spray foam insulation, and make energy with solar power.