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Dura-Foam Roofing Projects in Stanford

Green balloons indicate Dura-Foam roof installations since 1981. This map displays projects in Stanford and surrounding areas. << Zoom Out (link to Palo Alto)

Stanford foam roof installations since 1981. Click on the map to navigate to nearby cities. Click on the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC) to visit our commercial foam roofing page.

Since the early 80’s, buildings and homes of the Stanford campus and community have been re-roofed with Dura-Foam roofing systems. Sections of the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), mechanical buildings located at “The Dish”, sections of the COGEN energy plant, and various other buildings on campus have been roofed by Dura-Foam. In the residential Stanford community, many homes feature flat and low-slope roofs typical in Eichler and Frank Lloyd Wright style architecture. Clients of the Stanford community have appreciated Dura-Foam Solar Centers innovative approach to solving roofing problems. Our roofing system features a high R-value rigid & waterproof seamless monolithic waterproofing barrier that is thick and custom tapered to improve drainage. A typical waterproofing barrier is 1.5″ thick or more, resulting in significant energy savings. Cool Roof coatings are applied over this monolithic Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) membrane resulting in dramatically reduced air conditioning expenses. Dura-Foam’s spray foam roofing system not only outperforms alternative roof systems in energy savings, it also lasts much longer than any other roof product. The Dura-Foam roofing system is the only renewable roof system. Cool Roof coatings can be re-applied to extend roof life for the life of the building. On average, the Dura-Foam system should be re-coated every 20 years. However, the first re-coat should be applied early so that the original coating layer remains undamaged for the life of the roof system. All of these benefits have been extended to the Stanford community via re-roof projects replacing various tar and gravel, single ply, modified bitumen, built-up-roofing (BUR), cap sheet, torch-down, EPDM, and various forms of asphalt roofing on flat and low slope roof structures. Dura-Foam Solar Center’s innovative approach has continued to advance by integrating photovoltaic and hot water solar systems into its roof installations. As experienced and professional solar power dealers, Dura-Foam Solar center installs the highest efficiency solar electric energy systems around. Our in-house engineering staff custom designs each installation to suit the energy needs of homes and businesses. Stanford Engineering Alum and Project Manager of Dura-Foam Solar Center, Jarom Feriante says, “Our ability to offer professional service in capacities of roofing and solar combined set us apart from any other Bay Area solar installer. Our diverse service team’s integrated approach to roofing and solar systems will continue to outperform products offered by other contractors. For example, projects subject to complex shading scenarios are modeled in Autodesk Revit for a precision shadow analysis to maximize sunlight exposure to the solar array. In-house staff experienced with high-end architectural design also take the solar array’s orientation and location into consideration with respect to curb appeal, property value. When the time for installation arrives, our coordination of roofing and solar details is as seamless as our waterproofing systems!”