Energy Saving Synergies of Dura-Foam Roofing

Since 1981, Dura-Foam Roofing & Solar Center has been performing green upgrades that make sense for homes and business. Green building consultants and LEED Accredited professionals commonly recommend foam roofing for the synergies it introduces into building systems. Read below to find out how this system reduces energy consumption, helps the environment, and improves solar panel efficiency.

save energy with dura foam roofing - 3d cut away
Spray polyurethane foam seals and insulates all sides of the thermal envelope.

Improve the Thermal Envelope

First, the insulation of a foam roof system is in the ideal location, at the outermost surface of the building envelope. Most other flat roof systems introduce massive gravel and asphalt at the exterior surface which inefficiently draw energy from underlying occupied spaces. For example, the gravel in a built-up roof system gets very hot on summer days (up to 180 F) due to direct exposure to sunlight. Since the gravel is in direct contact with the roof surface, this unwanted heat physically transfers through the roof structure and into the building. Foam roof systems replace this inefficient exterior asphalt/gravel mass with a thick waterproof jacket of polyurethane foam insulation. As a result, underlying attic spaces and roof structure become isolated from exterior temperature fluctuations. This shift in thermal envelope performance significantly increases energy efficiency and interior comfort conditions.

Improve Solar Panel Efficiency and Reduce Cooling Loads

Second, Cool Roof Coatings reflect heat to reduce air-conditioning loads, improve interior comfort, and improve solar panel efficiency. The most effective Cool Roof Coatings are white. Rather than absorbing heat, these coatings reflect sunlight back into the environment. Cool Roof systems result in a bright environment at the roof surface which increases electrical production of solar panels. Since heat is no longer absorbed by the roof surface, interior air-conditioning loads get reduced. Also solar panels work more efficiently when they are cool due to lower resistance in their electrical circuitry. Roof coatings themselves last longer when they are white because white absorbs less heat. Excessive heat tends to wear out coatings and other materials prematurely. If white is not your favorite color, you can still get a Cool Roof system, but the other options tend to be light colors.

Eliminate Convection and Infiltration Losses

Third, spray polyurethane foam eliminates convection and air infiltration. Convection is a process where air tends to circulate inside porous insulation materials leading to energy loss in exterior walls and ceilings. Convection occurs in fiberglass batts, blown cellulose, foam board and other types of porous insulation. In contrast, Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) eliminates convection due to its closed cell structure; air and moisture do not pass through SPF. Air infiltration is unwanted seepage of air through a building envelope. Spray foam insulation eliminates unwanted air infiltration because it completely seals stud wall cavities and other parts of the building envelope.