Resources in This Section:

This section features some of the most important resources available at If you’ve got questions about foam roofing, you may want to take a look at our FAQ, watch some videos, or read some of our featured articles.

Dura-Foam Roofing and Solar Resources
Left Image: Randy Feriante, president of Dura-Foam, has over three decades of foam roofing experience. His uncompromising high quality standards in both application methods & materials have made Dura-Foam the #1 Bay Area foam contractor for decades. Right image: an Eichler with a foam roof and solar power system by Dura-Foam.

  • Articles: Read foam roofing related publications. Topics include general roofing, foam roofing, solar power, green construction, and health related construction issues such as off-gassing. From infrared cameras to soy based foam, find it here. Some of the most important articles are listed below.
    • General Roof Care: Guidelines on maintaining and caring for your Dura-Foam Roof System.
    • Roof Specifications: This section contains files for contractors with instructions for installing skylights, vents, conduits and more on Dura-Foam Roof Systems.
    • Vs. Other Roof Systems: An article about foam roofing vs other roof systems published by the Engineering department at Texas A&M University.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Find answers to common questions related
    to Maintenance and Roof Life, Warranty, Roof Surface, Installation Process, and the Dura-Foam Roof System.
  • Sitemap: a list of all the pages on our site.
  • Videos: Watch videos about foam roofing, solar power, and green construction.

Other Important Resources:

Here are some resources not listed in this section that you may find helpful in your decision making process.

  • Projects: With 20,000+ installations since 1981, no other Bay Area contractor remotely matches the market share or raw square footage completed by Dura-Foam Roofing.
  • Photo Galleries: View images of foam roofing and solar power installations completed by our professional installation crews.
  • Testimonials:
    Read success stories from satisfied Dura-Foam Roof System customers. Although this section is now under "our company", we still feel this is an important resource to refer to from this page.
  • Credentials: Learn about our foam roofing credentials.
  • Staff: View pictures of our contractors, engineers, designers, and installation crew leaders.