Commercial Roof Gallery

Our commercial gallery illustrates examples of foam roofing installations which have continued to provide energy savings and leak-proof service since 1981. Owner-occupied buildings are our most typical commercial clients as they personally benefit from the increased comfort of stable indoor temperatures, reduced utility expenses and indefinite roof life. All Dura-Foam Roofs are constructed using only the highest quality materials and skilled technicians. Notice that foam roofing excels on various building styles, and that foam roofing seals perfectly around every style of roof-mounted equipment.

Dura-Foam commercial foam roof

Residential Roof Gallery

Residential projects range from single family homes to condos to apartment complexes. Popular flat roof architectures include Eichler homes and other Mid-Century Modern styles. Often, Mediterranean and other traditional styles include flat portions of roof which tie-in at sloped shingle roof sections. Notice how foam roofing integrates neatly with adjoining shingle and tile roofs. Also, notice from street-view photos that flat foam roofs usually are not visible to pedestrians. Sloped foam roofs typically have only a mild angle resulting in minimal visibility from the street. Because of low visiblity, new home buyers often do not realize that they already have a Dura-Foam roof.

Dura-Foam solar roof with tree

Solar Roof Gallery

Notice in this gallery how smoothly solar power integrates over flat and low-slope foam roofing. Flat roofs allow solar panels to be tilted in any direction to maximize sunlight exposure. Also, notice that on many of the projects all you can see is the edge of the solar panels. While some clients prefer to arrange solar panels in a manner that enhances the architectural features of their property, other clients opt to orient the solar panels for optimum production. The trade-off in efficiency is not too significant in scenarios involving aesthetics versus power production. For example, tilting the solar panels off of a flat roof surface increases production by about 3 – 10%. Equipment such as inverters and disconnect switches are typically installed close to the main power panel. On every solar installation, Dura-Foam Solar Center engineers a customized design that meets or exceeds client objectives.

Dura-Foam solar foam roof overlooking neighborhood

Low Profile HVAC Gallery

Our HVAC gallery showcases several types of systems. Low profile steel air ducts are encased under Spray Polyurethane Foam roofing resulting in maximum efficiency, zero air leakage, zero condensation and enhanced street appeal. Completed systems are robust, featuring smooth galvanized air passages for clean indoor air and rigid walkable ducts that lie flat with the roof surface. Various configurations are available for installing low-profile HVAC in conjunction with new roof installations or over existing Dura-Foam roofs. Low-profile HVAC integrates with standard forced air units and outdoor AC units at a variety of efficiency levels by typical HVAC equipment manufacturers such as Carrier and Bryant.

HVAC main location installation