Go Solar – Put Your Roof to Work

Run your electric meter backwards with PhotoVoltaic (PV) solar panels installed by Dura-Foam Solar Center! We install these systems on all roof types.

Solar Panel Contractor
This 6.2 KW system on an Eichler in Redwood city runs the meter backwards.

Roof integrated solar systems are intended to last over 50 years. For this reason, you will want a system that is designed by professionals who understand all aspects of your building system. We are a family owned company with diverse backgrounds and experience in photovoltaic solar, electrical, roofing, glazing, general contracting, and other trades. Our team of engineers, solar installers, and roofing experts combine forces to deliver a PV System that generates optimal energy output and is also integrated with your property to enhance roof integrity and building aesthetics. As a BBB Honor Roll company, we are in the business of serving our customers to satisfaction.

Solar Power Meter
This three dimensional cut displays typical system components including solar panels and an inverter which is often installed near the electric meter.

"Powerful" Incentives

Tax Credits

The Federal Government provides a Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) reducing total solar system cost by 30%. A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the income taxes that a person or company claiming the credit would otherwise pay the federal government.


Financing is available at low rates. Several finance mechanisms are available to best suit your needs. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing establishes a credit funded through your property tax payments. As another alternative, limited-time 0% interest loans are popular for their flexibility. In addition, mortgage re-financing often provides the lowest rates. For example, monthly payments on financed installations can be as low as your prior monthly electricity bills. Contact our sales team to see which finance option is best for you.

Return On Investment

Our photovoltaic systems are guaranteed to last over 25 years and they pay for themselves in a fraction of that time. There is no better feeling than producing clean and free electricity in a market of rising energy prices.

It’s the Right Thing to Do

Creating a clean environment is a choice we must make as energy consumers.

Solar Panel Installation Complete
This 8 KW system in Palo Alto runs the meter backwards.Your sustainable future is priceless.

Why not go solar now?

In today’s fickle market, solar power is a sure way to earn a return on your investment. Plus, a solar installation will add more value to your property than the system cost. As energy prices rise, sunlight continues to shine freely. Californians are out of reasons not to go solar!

  • Federal tax credits bring the cost down even more.
  • Financing options are available.
  • Solar energy helps the environment.
  • We guarantee both your solar system and your roof!
  • Energy prices are rising.
  • Take control of your utility expenses!

Installation of pv solar electric generation system over polyurethan Dura-Foam roofing

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