The Leading Bay Area Foam Contractor

Dura-Foam is the leading commercial foam contractor in the California, Bay Area. Since 1981, we have installed thousands of environmentally friendly, competitively priced, and leak-free commercial foam roof systems. Our track record of service, quality, and dependability has helped us win business with both government and private organizations. Well known Dura-Foam customers include: Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), Lockheed Martin, Stanford Cogen Plant, and many others.

Stanford Linear Accelerator, SLAC offices and sign

Dura-Foam has completed projects for SLAC, the Stanford Linear Accelerator.

Why Choose Dura-Foam

Dura-Foam is well known for creating dependable, long lasting roof systems. Our installation teams are led by experienced technicians who assure each project is done right, the first time. We use the highest quality materials, and we never cut corners, which is why we expect our roof system to last the life of your building. In fact, Dura-Foam is often called upon to repair or rebuild roofing projects where other roofing contractors have failed. Dura-Foam is your #1 choice for leak free, professionally installed, & competitively priced foam roofing solutions.

Lockheed Martin Office and Logo

Lockheed Martin, a well known aeronautics & defense contractor, is a Dura-Foam customer.

Foam Roofing: the #1 Commercial Roofing Solution

Sprayed foam roofing creates a single leak-proof monolithic barrier which both protects and insulates. Dura-Foam roof surfaces include Energy Star approved, Cool Roof coatings which reflect heat. Beneath the surface coating lies a thick seamless and waterproof insulation barrier of rigid polyurethane foam which retains indoor temperature conditions. Typically, businesses report heating and cooling cost savings ranging from 30-50%. Foam roofing is also durable, lightweight, and surprisingly strong. A Dura-Foam Roof System is the last roof your building will ever need.

Below we list a few types of commercial buildings that are typically constructed with flat and low slope roofs. These structures are ideal candidates for foam roof systems:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Retail

Cardinal Cogen Plant

Dura-Foam has completed projects for Cardinal Cogen, a subsidiary of General Electric (GE).

Foam Roofing: The Best Choice for Your Commercial Structure

Foam roofing delivers a very unique combination of benefits, which no other roof system is capable of matching. Foam roofing is lightweight, strong, and molds to any shape or form. This makes it an ideal product for filling low or sagging roof areas without costly re-construction. Unlike most competing roof membranes, foam roofing forms perfectly around vents, pipes, air conditioning units, and other roof penetrations, in a seamless monolithic manner. Customers frequently tell us that their warehouses, offices, and other commercial structures are much more comfortable after a foam roof is installed.

As mentioned above, foam roofing has several other benefits as well. Foam roofing is an ideal choice for commercial structures due to superior leak protection, green rebates, longevity, and energy cost savings.

1. Superior Leak Protection

The Dura-Foam system is a thick seamless waterproofing barrier that meets commercial standards of reliability and durability. It offers superior leak protection because it doesn’t share the weaknesses of other roof systems such as seams and multiple material layers that hide problem areas. Finally, Dura-Foam Roofing will eliminate structural sagging by adding additional closed cell polyurethane foam to low areas where ponds tend to weigh down on your roof structure. In this manner, your new roof surface becomes custom contoured for improved drainage.

Dura-Foam completes a Commercial SPF Project

As the leading provider of commercial foam roofing in the Bay Area, our past projects include offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and retail buildings.

2. Green Rebates

Every Dura-Foam roof is a Cool Roof. Commercial customers qualify for Cool Roof Rebates on air conditioned buildings. Also, Dura-Foam roofs are Green Roofs because they divert landfill waste, save on heating costs, and are a Renewable Roof System.

3. Long-Term Roofing

Dura-Foam allows you to plan for the Long-Term upkeep and savings of your commercial property. The Dura-Foam System Maintenance Schedule shows how of over 75% on roof maintenance by never having to re-roof again!

4. Cut Energy Costs

The Dura-Foam Roofing System helps businesses reduce energy expenses while increasing interior comfort. Combining the world’s best insulator and Cool Roof coatings, Dura-Foam Roofing typically reduces heating and cooling expenses by 30-50%.

Commercial Foam Roofing Cost

Costs vary greatly on Commercial Foam Roofing projects. Factors such as complexity, economies of scale, and others can magnify or reduce projected materials and labor expenses. Generally, foam roofing costs about the same as traditional alternatives such as Tar & Gravel (installation cost per square foot). Contact us today to request a free estimate.

The New Orleans Superdome: SPF Foam Roofing

The New Orleans Superdome was re-roofed with polyurethane spray foam in 2005. Bay Systems North America completed the project. This is just one example showing that foam is a well known product and it is being used to complete high profile projects. In other words, the market often demands foam roofing because of its unique combination of lightweight strength, insulation, waterproofing, and long term durability.

See our article on the Louisiana Superdome: Commercial Foam Roof: Louisiana Superdome

New Orleans Superdome Foam Roof

The New Orleans Superdome was re-roofed with polyurethane spray foam in 2005.

NASA Develops Polyurethane Foam for Space Shuttle

NASA took polyurethane foam development to new levels by creating formulations for the external fuel tank of the space shuttle. Although the polyurethane foam formulation for roofing applications has been altered, it is still similar to the material used by NASA. The bare foam on the external fuel tank of the space shuttle withstands extreme wind shear and heat while keeping the tank contents at a very cool -423 degrees Fahrenheit.

See our article on Nasa and polyurethane foam: NASA: Polyurethane Foam used on Space Shuttle

Nasa Space Shuttle

NASA Developed special types of Polyurethane Foam to protect and insulate the external fuel tank of the space shuttle.