Foam Roofing Related Publications

The following external links are published foam roofing articles by well respected authors such as contractors and scientists.

  1. Roof Insulation: Vital foam-roof upgrades add comfort, lower
    utility bills, and enhance your home’s value
    by Randy Feriante
  2. A Comparison of Built-up and Foam Roofing Systems : By Texas A & M Laboratories
  3. Specifying SPF Roofing Systems by
  4. Polyurethane Foam Roofing: Lightweight And Watertight Alternative by Ernest Jarquio
  5. Foam Roofing Articles

    This section is dedicated to foam roofing related information. From the history of polyurethane foam roofing to case studies, you will be able to find extra information about polyurethane foam roofing in this section. Below, some sample excerpts are taken from articles in this section to give you an idea of what type of information you’ll find.

    Foam Roofing keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.
    Learn more about the history of polyurethane foam roofing in this section.

    Related Subjects

    Some of the information in this section may at times only be indirectly related to foam roofing. However, the focus of this business and this website is foam roofing plus ancillary systems which commonly integrate with foam roofing including HVAC and PV solar.

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  1. I am glad you guys have started adding articles. I just hope you add something about the history of polyurethane foam. Where did it come from and how or why did people end up using it on roofs. I know foam is still used by NASA on space shuttle fuel tanks, so I wonder if that is somehow related.

  2. I found the soy based foam and top 10 roofing myth articles the most interesting. Although foam in mattresses was unrelated, I still found that article informative. I had no idea that mattresses contained harmful anti-fire materials in them–and to think that these carcinogenic materials are even used in baby mattresses! I’m just glad someone cares enough to try and inform the public about this.

  3. I have been interested in insalling solar panels on my foam roof, I have obtained several bids. One in which (national company,which name starts with I) would not entertain giving me a quote because I would
    be forever fighting with a leaking roof. This sutuation has me taking
    another look at this project. What has been your experience ?

  4. Wow this information is great! Thanks this has helped me alot! Im sure your post’s are one of the best out there! always so acurate!

  5. The information related to foam roofing is very important for me! I need to know all the required details about this issue.

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