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San Mateo County Peninsula Foam Roofing Projects
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Dura-Foam Roofing Projects in Redwood City N

Green balloons indicate Dura-Foam roof installations since 1981. This map displays projects in Redwood City N and surrounding areas.

Redwood City North foam roof installations since 1981. Click on the map to zoom in to high density areas or nearby cities.

Dura-Foam Solar Center projects in Redwood City have ranged from residential to commercial. Various flat roof systems have been replaced. Many tar & gravel, torch-down, cap sheet, metacrylics, metal roofing, and single ply roof systems have been replaced. A lot of our roof projects have also taken place on new construction. Our spray foam roof system has appealed to both residential and commercial customers because it outlasts all other types of roofing (40+ years) while saving energy. The spray foam roof insulation is waterproof and rigid. People can walk on the hard roof surface all day without damaging it. Cool roof coatings applied over the rigid spray foam insulation help keep interiors cool during the hot months. Our Redwood City projects are perfect candidates for solar energy. Our solar power systems are guaranteed to produce clean energy with no roof leaks. As Solar Power Dealers, we offer the most efficient and attractive solar panels in the world.