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San Mateo County Peninsula Foam Roofing Projects
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Dura-Foam Roofing Projects in Portola Valley

Green balloons indicate Dura-Foam roof installations since 1981. This map displays projects in Portola Valley and surrounding areas.

Portola Valley foam roof installations since 1981. Click on the map to navigate to nearby cities.

The majority of our Portola Valley projects have been custom homes. In hill areas, where roof surfaces are visible, we often use tan or light gray cool roof coatings that help roof surfaces blend in with the natural environment. In high wind areas of Portol Valley, our roofs have performed with flying colors. Spray foam roof insulation adheres so strongly to underlying surfaces that high winds cannot blow off the roof material. Flat roofs of various styles have been replaced in Portola Valley. Tar & gravel, built-up roofing (BUR), cap sheet, torch-down, and single ply are some of the types of roof systems that we have replaced. Roof surfaces that have little shading from trees are perfect candidates for solar power. Our solar panel installations are guaranteed to create clean energy without roof leaks and our roof systems are designed to last over 40 years.