Success Stories

A Pleasure to Work With…

“We wanted to thank you for the exceptional service recently regarding the re-roofing of our ten townhouses. The office personnel making appointments to start work, the crew working on the new roof – everyone was very efficient and a pleasure to work with. The clean up was done daily and there was very little inconvenience to the owners of the townhouses. During the recent heat wave we had proof that the foam roof did help insulate. Our bedrooms were 10° to 15° cooler. We thank you again for the excellent job.”

Garden Court H.O.A.

20563 Yeandle Ave

Castro Valley

Attention to Detail…

“The unusual features of our roof required special attention to detail. Dura-Foam counseled and stayed with us through every step of the preparation and application. They made repeated visits afterward to ensure the perfect execution of the job. We would not hesitate to recommend them for their dependability and the high quality of work.”

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Nelson

750 Lurline Drive

Foster City

Constant Temperature…

“One of the best investments we ever made. After having several tar and gravel roofs put on our home and experiencing constant leaks, we had Dura-Foam install a foam roof. Not only has it totally stopped all leaks, our house is now well insulated and stays a constant temperature. It never gets as hot inside during the summer as it used to. We seldom use the air-conditioner. It’s the same with for heating the house. We strongly recommend Dura-Foam roofs.”

Claude and Dorothy Thomas

659 Joanne Dr.

San Mateo

One of the Best Decisions We’ve Ever Made…

“The former tar and gravel roof on our Eichler style flat roof home was in constant need of repair. Not only was it drying and cracking, it offered no insulation against the hot sun in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

In 1993 Dura-Foam solved all of this. In the “old” days, when it was 90° outside the temperature inside would exceed 90°. The ceiling acted like a radiant heater. With our Dura-Foam roof, when it’s 90° outside, it’s a comfortable 20° cooler inside. The roof also doesn’t let heat escaped in the cold months and has lowered our PG&E bill dramatically.

We remain dry and secure in wet, stormy weather. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made concerning our home.”

Clifford C. Pierce

1935 Vera Ave.

Redwood City

Our Roof has Lasted So Long…

“My roof is wonderful. It has lasted so many years. We have been so comfortable with it in both winter and summer. We have lived in this house now for 47 years and recently celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary. All of our friends, children and grandchildren could hardly believe our roof has lasted so long. I also continue to tell my clients about the durability and comfort we have experienced with the roof. Again I thank you very much.”

Frances Ann Roberts

291 Edlee Ave.

Palo Alto

Not Only is it Leak-Proof, but…

“I’m very happy with my Dura-Foam roof. Not only is it leak-proof, but it provides wonderful insulation. In summer, the house is cool even on the hottest days. In winter it retains heat much better.”

Peter G. Neumann

360 Shasta Drive

Palo Alto

Helpful and Courteous…

“For years my roof leaked even though it was re-tarred several times. Since Dura-Foam was used there has been no leakage. I have been very happy with the new roof and the company representatives were very helpful and courteous.”

Elmer H. Giles

1034 La Salle Dr.